Passion for technology is what drives us.

We are It Staffing specialists. Count on us to search, select, follow-up, and retain technology talent. 

In 1997, Antonio Loureiro and Marcelo Vianna decided to use all the know-how they acquired during their trajectory in the Information Technology area, working for renowned multinationals in their respective segments, to make a great dream come true. This dream, which became a reality thanks to the growing love for technology, innovation, and people, is called Conquest One.

We are a Staffing company specialized in information technology. We offer innovative and sustainable IT hunting and outsourcing solutions to our clients, using all our expertise to help each one of them in their unique challenges, in a transparent manner in order to establish a close, collaborative relationship with each client.

To continue turning the dream into reality, we have an engaged team of CQOnes, who also go to great lengths to make every client’s need a true success story. Our CQOnes, much like the founders of Conquest One, are also driven by a love of technology, innovation, and people. It is this harmony that keeps our history alive.

United by the same goal, which is to provide the best Staffing services for Hunting and IT Outsourcing to our clients, we want to be a reference for quality and efficiency in identifying the best professionals, always guided by our values: develop, motivate, and respect our people; inspire our CQOnes to be the best they can be; Grow together in a sustainable way.

Throughout our 23 years of history, we proudly established partnerships and gathered awards that reflect who we are and who we seek to be every day, in addition to validating our innovative practices and processes.



To be a reference for delivering the best Staffing services for Hunting and IT Outsourcing based on the identification of professionals and valorization of human capital.


To promote the best Staffing services for Hunting and IT Outsourcing by providing qualified professionals, generating value for our clients, employees, shareholders and society.


People are our greatest asset. The personal, professional, and social development of our human capital gives meaning to what we do every day, providing us with constant motivation to serve our clients with excellence while at the same time contributing to the development of society.


We inspire our people to develop and do their best, always seeking new limits and respecting differences. We encourage proactive and entrepreneurial attitudes to create a culture of collaborative and innovative actions.


We grow in a continuous and sustainable way, with responsibility, commitment, and ethics in our relationships. Our success depends on the success of our customers, employees, and suppliers, so we encourage and adopt the best governance practices in people and business management.

We are nine times elected one of the best companies in Brazil to work in technology.

Life at Conquest

An environment for those who like what they do.


To search for talents, we need to understand talent, especially how to retain them. Those who work with us are dedicated to growing and making others grow, always. They are more than good people: they are good at what they do!

To do so, we offer our team an excellent working environment built on the pillars of integrity, ethics, respect in all relationships, commitment to everyone, collaborative work, and the constant search for Innovation and Sustainability. Proof of this investment: for the ninth time we had the honor of being recognized by the award "Best Companies to Work for in IT and Telecom" research conducted by Great Place to Work (GPTW).

Ver o Mundo Program

We turn our eyes with a look filled with affection and opportunities towards socioeconomically vulnerable communities in Sao Paulo. We intend to democratize technology and reduce the digital divide in society. Through lectures and diverse activities, the project encourages young people from socioeconomically vulnerable communities to know and work in technology. We give full support and present how a technology company works. It is a project that shows the path of technology.

- 6conquest_vinheta

We stand against child labor.


We invest in social organizations that protect children and adolescents from child labor. We have been partners of the Abrinq Foundation since 2008, contributing to the Children and Adolescent Statute, transforming, caring for, and guaranteeing children’s right to learn by playing.

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We are It Staffing specialists. Count on us to search, select, follow-up, and retain technology talent. 


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