A partnership that makes us proud: Ver o Mundo Program

A project conceived and realized voluntarily by the Conquest One team. We want to transform the lives of thousands of socioeconomically challenged youths in vulnerable situations through education and technology.

" Because I am the size of what I see and not the size of my height...” - Fernando Pessoa

The Ver o Mundo Program was born from the need for social equality and increased opportunities for socioeconomically challenged youth in vulnerable situations. In 2017, Conquest One’s board members conceived the project to introduce a lower-income young population to the information technology industry. Today the project is a success and remains strong, thanks to the volunteers and partners of Conquest One.

At each edition of the Ver o Mundo Program, Conquest One welcomes groups of young people between the ages of 15 and 18 to present them to a real corporate environment. Many of these young people can experience, for the first time, the daily life of an IT company. They attend lectures, workshops, and demonstrations about the Technology market. The Ver o Mundo Program is, above all, the belief in the dream that it is possible to democratize access to the technology market, opening doors and expanding horizons. 

Currently, the "Ver o Mundo" Program collaborates with NGOs in São Paulo to recruit young people who want to participate in the meetings at our Corporate headquarters. Around 400 young people have benefitted from the program, with about 100 volunteers throughout all editions.


The Ver o Mundo Program inspires young people to experience a passion for information technology and an open world of opportunities. At each edition, our volunteers work with young participants fascinating, arousing their curiosity, and show that regardless of their origin, it is possible to succeed in a corporate environment. They learn that their dedication can change their situation. We are proud to witness stories of young people who transformed their lives through technical studies and today are developing a successful career. They are the talented, interested, curious, and passionate about technology professionals that the market of the future needs.

The professionals of the future pass through here first.

A program that goes beyond I.T, a program for life.

We have broadened the horizons of young people showing opportunities in a market that needs qualified labor to develop technological projects. While the "Ver o Mundo" Program presents the possibility of a better life condition through education and opportunity, it is also a practical initiative to help train qualified people. We contribute and encourage the pursuit of a successful career. We also contribute to the development of the future of the IT market in Brazil and the world. For those who dream, there are no limits.

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Why participate?

A social and sustainable initiative aimed at helping underprivileged and vulnerable youth;

Give young people the opportunity to transform their lives completely;

Lectures, workshops, and immersions in the IT market;

About 400 young people have already benefitted from the program.

How can I participate?

Spectator, Partner, Sponsor. Are you interested in changing the future of underprivileged young people and the IT market? Send an e-mail to info@conquestone.com.br and live our dream.


Who participates in this project

Cidade dos Meninos - it is a non-profit philanthropic organization maintained by the FRANCISCAN MISSIONARY ASSOCIATION FOR THE MINOR (UNDERAGE) CONVENT DWELLER (SOMIFRAMECO), considered of public, federal, state, and municipal utility. Idealized by Frei Pio Populin, it started on February 11, 1961.

Collaborating companies

Saúde Empresarial and Floricultura Tropicana.

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