Outsourcing: complete talent management in projects.

We are a bridge between technology talent and successful projects. From the technical and behavioral analysis to the final phase of project completion, we manage and monitor the professional or the team that will work in your technology department.

We do the complete management and follow-up.

Are you searching for talent for a specific and temporary project? Conquest One manages the team and follows the entire professional execution process for your technology project.

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For specific, one-time projects that demand close management and monitoring, we have found, in our 20-plus years of experience, that this is the perfect hiring model for you.
  • Qualified talent base by AI.
  • Curatorship by CQ1 Specialists.
  • Professionals classified based on technical and behavioral tests.
  • Compatibility with your organizational culture and work team.
  • Structural support in over 22 countries for personal and online interviews.
  • Professional management via ERM - Employee Relationship Management.
  • Secure remote work with the remote management application, Sense One.
  • Complete reports and weekly follow-up of the activities developed.

We promote the agile, digital transformation of global companies in diverse industries.

We have over two decades of experience in hunting and outsourcing. We work to attract and retain the technology talent your projects need.

The professionals for your projects are here.

Within one week, your technology department will welcome a talent from the area, ready to meet your needs. Are you wondering how we can complete the whole process with quality and agility? We have a high-performance talent base with mapped technical skills and complete behavioral analysis to meet your needs as quickly as possible.

Do you have any questions? Check out the answers below.

It is normal to have doubts, so we answer some questions that are common among our clients.

Outsourcing can help your company achieve its goals faster and more effectively: 

• Get access to the best and most modern workflow technology.
• Unlimited supply of infrastructure, time and professionals.
• Projects can be completed with agility, increased efficiency and productivity.
• Reduced capital costs.
• Add competitive advantage with technology and qualified professionals.
• Ensure scalability and continuity of your technology initiatives.

Focus your time on business processes, strategies, and core competencies. We list below some examples of services that can be trusted to Outsourcing:

• Hardware and Software Development
• Digitalization of processes.
• Project implementation.
• Technical support.
• Among others.

Decide on Outsourcing when you understand that it is necessary to digitalize your business and focus your employees on the core competencies of your industry. Functions that are outside your knowledge and technology competencies can be performed by Conquest One. We have over 23 years of experience in technology projects and professionals.

Do you help me make sure I have found the right technology talent for my company? Companies are constantly hiring new employees, and this requires them to be prepared to decide whether or not a candidate will join their team. This hiring process must be well planned so that the new employee has the best chance of meeting your expectations and staying as long as possible in the company.

We have noticed a constant search for technology professionals who have the necessary qualities to fulfill the responsibilities of the position they will assume, and this is a reflection of the growing appreciation of the people who make up a company. Hiring and retaining technology talent are vital processes for organizations.

At Conquest One, we help you validate whether the technology talent you hire can be internalized into your workforce or not. And we also help you replace them if there are unforeseen problems along the way.


We are nine times elected one of the best companies in Brazil to work in technology.

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